Non-duality points to a consciousness where everything is experienced in a duality, but at the same time it is realised that this duality is an illusion.

Non-duality versus duality

Without duality one would not be able to experience life: knowing only exists by the grace of not-knowing, good only exists by the grace of evil; beautiful and ugly, cold and warm, you and the other all exist by the grace of eachother. Each of the two components can not be experienced if the other component would not exist. Think of the yin and yang symbol: the third element of this symbol is the circle around the two components. One Thing in which both components appear. Non-duality points to this circle, which surrounds each of these two pairs of opponents. The One Thing in which all other things appear. (See the main theme of Onbestempeld: There is only One Thing, the rest is an illusion.)

Non-duality points to ‘Enlightenment’

Enlightenment realises that a logical consequence of non-duality is that everything is always exactly as it should be. Because there is only One Thing existing, the contrast between right and wrong does not exist, for they are two ‘things’. Non-duality therefore means that there is no right and wrong! All that exists is an experience in an illusion. And that experience is just as good (or not good), just as beautiful or not-beautiful, as you label it to be. Everything in the illusion follows “you” because non-duality tells you that there is nothing outside of you!

Non-duality and conflicts in yourself

The labelling of right and wrong is based on what you have learned. And what is taught varies per person. When he or she gets engaged in non-duality he/she will encounter conflicts within themselves. Because certain taught labels are so natural that it seems impossible that something which you have always labelled ‘wrong’ could also be ‘good’ . The idea that something may be ‘wrong’ leads to suffering.

Non-duality calls for freely living your life

With the deep understanding of the concept of non-duality is will becoming increasingly easy to ‘follow what comes out of you’. You will realize that there is nothing outside of you which may work against you, because ‘you’ are this One Thing, not two .. ie non-dual. Because you realize that the beautiful dual illusion is only meant to live freely and thus to experience exactly what comes out of you!

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