What does it mean to actually follow your heart? Does that mean following your feelings?
Introduction of the term ‘deeper knowing’.

Following your heart or following your feelings?

With ‘following your heart’ I initially don’t mean follow your feelings. Why not? Because feelings also consist of learned patterns of thought and action. Like the (involuntary) expressing of emotions in certain situations in your daily life.

Rather than ‘following your heart’, I prefer calling it: following your “deeper knowing” . With deeper knowingI mean that you know, after a thorough self-inquiry, Who You Are in each moment and that you can act accordingly without fear and blocking beliefs. And this “deeper knowing” does not need any thought, it’s what you are at any time.

Following your heart, what is holding it back?

Following your heart can be prevented by blocking beliefs: “If I do that then I can get into trouble. When I do this I run a huge risk. If I do this then I can lose something: a relationship, friendships, money, a house, love, attention, etc. “.

These thoughts reside in one place: in your head, in your thinking. These thoughts result from fear, and those fears are based on illusions. Because nothing can work against you if you follow your heart! Only your fears block you and also create the effects you were fearing.

Following your heart is living your truth!

Now, how do you get closer to your “deeper knowing”? You will get to it by picking out all norms, values ​​and emotions that block the view on that deeper knowing! Get rid of anything in your ego that is blocking you to completely and in each moment live according to your own truth. And what remains is living life by “wisdom”: “Your truth of the moment is that what comes before the thought.”

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