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  • Learn how to take appropriate steps to feel independent, stressfree and powerful in time.
  • You will learn and practise tools to Finally Feel Free using Self-inquiry.
  • Learn how to recognize and then change Ego Patterns.
  • Learn how to proceed with effective Self Inquiry, even after the retreats.
  • Learn how to go from: Dependent –> Indepent, Conditional –> Unconditional, Attachement –> Detachment, Closed –> Open
  • Need more help? We offer guidance by mail, skype and whatsapp after we met the first time.
  • And of course… enjoy the weather, the sights and Spanish culture!

What others are saying

Just shortly after I met Johan from Enligtenment Is Here my life changed 180 degrees. Now I clearly see where I was stuck for all those years. The tools and information that Enligtenment Is Here provided are priceless.

Guido van Mierlo

“Onbestempeld to me is the first place where I totally can be myself. I don’t have to hold up anything! In a loving and caring way Johan offers what I need with my selfinquiry and breaking through some deep vested nonproductive behavorial patterns in my system. He and his team make me finally feel free.”

Loes Janssen

 What is Spirituality?

Literally ‘spirituality’ is derived from Latin: ‘spiritus’ means breath (of life).

Spirituality is the investigation of what ‘makes Life breathe’. In other words, spirituality is basic research into the meaning of (your) life. But above all spirituality is a ‘doing’ word: only thinking about spirituality is insufficient.

Tension, stress, not being comfortable in your own skin, irritation and frustration are all caused by things, situations or patterns that may not be appropriate for you (anymore). Together we will find a way how you can change those patterns.

Our Spain based Retreats called Spirituality & Self Inquiry in Practice teaches you to act on the wisdom arising from the theory of Enlightenment.

It shows you what it is like to put spirituality into practice. That means that you will carry through the content of the course into your daily life: just consider how often you do something (or don’t do), what you really like to do, or don’t want to do anymore.

Our Retreats Spirituality & Self Inquiry in Practice teach you how to experience a permanent undercurrent of peace and joy in your life.

Sincerely, Johan de Jong

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